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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 05:11 am
So did everyone have a good New Year's Eve and first two days of 2013? I took the time off - such a rarity - so I didn't even post my blog although I did do some writing and some beta work. I also worked out the image I wanted for one of my shoes and got that printed out onto Frisket, ready to begin cutting it out soon. Such fun! I also had the first chance to have a nice long conversation with Aearwen for several weeks! I was having withdrawal from our weekly phone talks, so I'm ever so much happier today - I had my friend fix for the week - :D

Dragonthology has now been published. You can find it here, on Amazon. If you visit the Amazon page, please click the "Like" button, the more we get and the faster we get them, the higher we'll go in the rankings.

Also, we're looking for reviewers, blog sites that might like to feature the book, and readers in general. It's not expensive, so give yourself a treat of seven unique looks at draconian life.

I'll be featuring the book on my blog on the 9th, and also will be setting up a webpage on my personal website to promo the book. Many of the authors, including myself, are also available for author interviews and the publishers have a blog tour going on (information here) and the publishers are giving away several $25 Amazon gift cards in conjunction with the promotional activities and interviews. You can find out additional information about that by following this link.

If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow the book at no charge from Amazon, but please click the "Like" button and please leave a review. We (all of the authors and the publishers) would appreciate your help in making Dragonthology a success.

So, back to normal? Well, at least back to work today. I'll spend the day getting the store un-Christmas decorated (in many ways a more satisfying activity) and sweeping up after the sparkles that will scatter the floor after the garlands have been removed. I have some new lighting to put around the front windows, but I'm not sure I'm energetic enough today to do that. But I'll write at the coffee shop with my coffee and oatmeal, and if the muses cooperate, I'll have my S-V story completed and ready for the editing process. I hope you have a fabulous day, and please check out Dragonthology - it's really a fun book!


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